Make your work stand out with a professional website hosted by the WILDLIFE.FISH network. With a range of options and friendly pricing structure, we have complete solutions to showcase your work.

Building an engaging online presence is tough if you’re doing it on your own.

Making the most of online tools and social media is vital to science communication, but producing content that no one sees is depressing.

The required effort can be overwhelming, high maintenance, and low reward.

Website traffic is dismal unless people know where to find you.

Search engines demote and reject sites that are inactive or not mobile-friendly.

Blog posts are invisible unless you’re an SEO wizard.

Social media accounts take a long time to grow and need on-going maintenance.

And advertising is expensive.

But what if we did it together?

Created by biologists for biologists, WILDLIFE.FISH is an online hub for member profiles and project websites that are networked and promoted. By working together, we can build visibility, impact, and opportunities for fish and wildlife professionals around the world.


Build Your Audience, FAST

Leverage the WILDLIFE.FISH network to build a targeted, engaged audience that’s eager to hear from you.

We’ll promote your work to WILDLIFE.FISH subscribers and followers via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and blog features.

Keep Your Work Visible

Seasonal projects? Sporadic updates? No problem. Your WILDLIFE.FISH audience is ready when you are.

Leverage the WILDLIFE.FISH community-based platform to keep eyes on your work, and say goodbye to the pressure of maintaining a constant stream of updates to your website or social media accounts.

Amplify Your Results

Leverage the power of the WILDLIFE.FISH community-based platform, content marketing, and social media to advertise your projects and events.

All for a fraction of the cost of traditional website development, social media management, and marketing services.

The alternative?

Every biologist pays for their own web domains and hosting accounts, hiring web designers at $1,500 – $20,000 per site, and site managers at $75/hr, and social media marketing at $50 to $1,500 per post (yes, really!)

Or, to keep costs manageable we each struggle with Do-It-Yourself options, navigating web platforms and technology, domain renewals and transfers, site upgrades and security updates, the overwhelm of social media strategies, … hoping that we’ll see the rewards for our effort…some day.

Together, we can maximize returns on our effort, keep costs reasonable, and leverage the power of networks to build visibility, credibility, influence, and impact for fish and wildlife professionals around the world.

A made-for-you solution

If you already have a website and social media accounts for your project or organization, a WILDLIFE.FISH Profile Package will help you grow an engaged audience through on-going promotion of your work.

Project and organization profiles are similar to member (personal) profiles. They are essentially short biographies posted on the Wildlife.Fish Member’s Page ( and linked to the Wildlife.Fish Map ( Profiles are the connection between your existing website and social media accounts, and the Wildlife.Fish network.

Starting from scratch or want to modernize an outdated site? Get online in no time with our Project or Organization Website Packages.

Project websites are hosted by Wildlife.Fish and built using open source WordPress software. We take care of everything to get you up and running, and you have administrative access and full control over the content.

Organization websites are fully independent sites hosted on a commercial server optimized for WordPress. In addition to the technical support and maintenance we offer for project websites, organization websites have enhanced customization options and administrative controls. Our starter package is designed for small organizations like independent biologists, small consulting firms, and small non-profit groups. If you are a large organization, please contact us to discuss options.

Event registration and publicity packages will also be available soon.

How It Works

Building an online presence doesn’t get any easier — we take care of everything for you!

Your mission: Sign up for a profile or website package, then answer a short questionnaire about your project or organization. Our promise: We upload the information to a dynamic template to get you online with a professional website in 14 days or less. Our template is mobile-friendly, customizable and expandable, allowing your website to grow as your needs and interests evolve. Start with a one-page design and add features (at no extra cost) as you go!

You get: A functional, attractive website you’ll be proud of, with built-in publicity and marketing opportunities. We give: Our support to promote your work through the Wildlife.Fish network + provide regular maintenance of your site with behind-the-scene software updates and daily backups.

If and when you are ready, we’ll set up admin accounts for you and your collaborators to manage your own account.

Or, you can leave all the “tech” stuff to us indefinitely, using email to submit site content and update requests as often as you like. The choice is yours!

Projects and organizations that sign up for Wildlife.Fish profiles and websites are widely promoted by Wildlife.Fish 4 times annually.

By including links to your existing website, blog, and social media accounts in your Wildlife.Fish profile, we help connect more people to your work. If you are not already active online, we help you build a broader audience for your work without the headache of managing your own websites and social media!

Where else can you get affordable, consistent and effective marketing to build your audience and impact as a professional biologist?


Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Wildlife.Fish is made-in-Canada so we’re adopting Canadian pricing. That means no shocking 30 – 40% exchange rate costs added to the price for Canadians, and everyone that’s used to paying in USD currency gets the happy surprise of 30-40% discounts after the exchange is factored in. A win-win for everyone! Canadians still have to pay GST though (sorry).

Referrals = More $$ for Your Projects

We want you to be happy with your website. Really Happy. So happy, that you tell all your friends and colleagues about Wildlife.Fish and they sign up too.  When you buy a Wildlife.Fish profile or website package, you will get a hassle-free website you love (guaranteed!) + you’ll be invited to become a Wildlife.Fish ambassador. Ambassadors get a unique referral link and the opportunity to earn $$ for a fish & wildlife project of your choice every time someone signs up for Wildlife.Fish services via your link.

Supporting professional biologists around the world isn’t just an idea; it’s the foundation of Wildlife.Fish.

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